Mahasu devta hanol Dehradun Uttarakhand

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Mahasu devta hanol

Mahasu devta hanol uttarakhand

Altitude : 1429mtr
Area : Chakrata
District : Dehradun
‎ State : Uttarakhand
Country : India


Mahasu devta hanol Uttarakhand, is a Hindu temple situated at a tribal area of jaunsar bavar named as hanol(village). Situated in Dehradun district of Uttarakhand, India.
The temple is situated in the bank of river Tons. The architecture of temple is of its kind or called as civil style. According to an epic there was a giant named as kirmik, ‘kirmik’ was very cruel and was famous in the whole area for his cruelty with local people. When all were fed up with the cruelties of ‘kirmik’ then a Brahmin named as hunabhat has decided to ‘penance’ lord ‘Shiva’ and goddess ‘Shakti’. After getting happy through the penance of Brahmin hunabhat four brothers Mahasu has originated in village hanol. Mahasu has killed the evil giant kirmik and save the people of hanol and from that time the people of hanol and started worshiping four brothers. Mahasu devta hanol uttarakhand.

Following are the four mahasu

1.Botha Mahasu, 2.Bashik Mahasu, 3.Pawasi Mahasu, and 4.Chalda Mahasu are the four brothers. Botha mahasu’s temple is at hanol he is known as the god of ‘justice’ and local people are always ready to accept the decisions of botha mahasu. According to archeological survey of India 🇮🇳 it is said that this temple of mahasu devta at hanol was build in 9th to 10th century.

Mahasu devta temple

Mahasu devta hanol uttarakhand is worshiped by local tribe of jonsar bawar. And worshiped by its devotees from all over india. Mahasu devta is known as the god of justice and it is believed that his decisions are accepted by the local rulers and tribes. The temple of mahasu devta was build in 9th century in huna architectural style and at present the temple is under archeological survey of india.

Festivals in mahasu devta

In ancient times shaant festival was organized in mahasu devta. This festival was five days long and it was like a fair in which thousands of people came to sacrifise there animals. gradually as the time moves on the pratha of sacrifising animas was demolished and now a festival of three days held in mahasu devta. According to local residents in ancient times females were not allowed in the premises of temple but now everyone is allowed to visit the temple.

Location and how to reach mahasu devta temple

The temple is situated at a distance of 95kms from chakrata via tuini. One can reach the temple by hiring taxi from dehradun. Dehradun railway station is the last railway station connecting to hanol mahasu at a distance of 180kms. The last airport is situated at Jollygrant Dehradun which is around 230kms from mahasu devta hanol temple.

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