Devariatal, Ukhimath

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Devariatal is situated at Rudraprayag district in garhwal region of uttarakhand India, devariatal is one of the famous destination among tourist who visit uttarakhand, devariatal gives a scenic view of the famous mountain peak of uttarakhand that is chaukhamba peak and adjacent peaks to chaukhamba, devariatal is a word that is made up of two words Devari+Tal which means pond of devas(gods), the big tal is situated in a valley covered with lush green surroundings, one can find the ultimate peace on reaching devariatal.

Historical myth

The luminous beauty of devariataal at Ukhimath Rudraprayag district in Uttarakhand approximately 2438 MTR above sea level it is a myth that Devas bathed in this lake hence the name. The lake is also believed to be the “Indra Sarovar” referred to in the Puranasby wandering, Hindu mendicants Sadhus. It is also believed that it was the place from where the mighty Pandavas were asked queries by Yaksha. It is a well known destination to visit in winters. it is one of the famous treks of winters.

How to reach

  • Rishikesh railway station is the last railway station to devariatal.
  • Jollygrant(Dehradun) airport is the last airport to devariatal.
  • one can hier taxi from rishikesh to reach Sari village (last motorable village).

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