Climate In Uttarakhand | Trekking Tips for Uttarakhand

uttarakhand cliamate

Uttarakhand have all 4 seasons so when booking trek check the climate and place’s future updates.

  • Summers are hot with temperatures crossing the 40°C  with humidity “mostly in July and august”.

Winters are chilly with minimum temperature below 5°C.

The climate in the northern part of Uttarakhand is typically Himalayan. This mountain range itself exerts an appreciable extent of influence on monsoon and rainfall patterns. Within the Himalayas, climate differs depending on altitude and position.

Climate ranges from subtropical in the southern foothill

  • summer temperatures of about 30° C
  • winter temperatures of about 18° C (about 64° F).

Warm temperate conditions prevail in the Middle Himalayan areas “25° C in summers and chilly Winters”.
Cool temperate conditions dominate the higher areas of the Middle Himalayas ” 15 to 18° C (59 to 64° F) and winters drop below the freezing point”.

You will enjoy climate at higher himalayan areas where summers are cool and winters are harsh.

Note :- At 4880 meters (16,000 feet), area is covered in snow and ice.

Uttarakhand is characterized by two types of climate, sharply differentiated in the plains and the mountainous regions.

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